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    commented on Meet The Team 2020-07-14 17:00:22 -0700
    Good day! I hope this finds you well. Would you please help me and my family to get a private sponsorship from Canada. As we are refugees facing unsafe condition in many social levels daily here in South Africa.

    We are homeless refugee in Cape town South Africa living actually in a big tent with
    more than two hundreds homeless refugees families(2).
    I am asylum seeker in South Africa where I found a discrimination to foreigners and
    administrative xenophobia: we are marginalized by the law, we have been victims of
    xenophobic attacks and looting of businesses since 2008, 2013, 2015, 2017 and
    recently in 2019.
    I am refugee living in South Africa for about 14 years with my family. We are victims and my wife traumatized by the way she was by many times threated at hospitals and assaulted in the public area and transport because we are foreigners. Currently in fearful of xenophobic violent attacks, discrimination occurance. Even institutional xenophobia as described by the Montreal newspaper published on 27 May 2020 as link.

    As it was becoming more worst as officials are calling their population to hate
    foreigners, I decided with my family to take part to a peaceful demonstration with
    refugees families(Congolese, Somalians, Burundians Ethiopians, Bangladesh…) victims
    all these years of xenophobic attacks to the UNHCR office to claim our rights.
    On 8th October we started a sit in at the UNHCR office (3)
    The reason for our sit in at Cape Town UNHCR Office was due to the fact that
    Refugees and Asylum seekers here in South Africa are being killed with no help from
    anyone or anywhere for more than 10 years have been abandoned.
    When South African attack and kill foreigners as a whole, they do not differentiate,
    they just kill anyone who’s not South African citizen.
    So for this reason since 2008 up to date there has been the ongoing massacre of
    refugees and asylum seekers yet nothing has been done that could show if truly the
    South African government and the human rights organization are not in support of
    these crimes against humanity.
    For the asylum seekers, their deaths are of no consideration.
    Now, as the xenophobic attacks continue since April of last year to date, the SA
    government continues to be in denial and Authorities are in support of the killings of
    foreign nationals(4)
    Some countries have taken their citizen, like Nigeria and citizen of other countries
    are returning to their countries as they do not feel safe here in SA.
    But the question rest at refugees and Asylum seekers who fled their home countries
    for their safety to South Africa.
    Because now officials are calling for xenophobia by hate speech, from the President
    Ramaphosa, Ministers of Police Mbeki Cele, of Finance Tito Mboweni and Health and
    Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi, the Premier of Gauteng, Mpumalanga(5)
    We experienced high rates of death into the public Hospitals, when we receive the
    corpse of death, they have been operated already.
    We raised all these issues and went to the UNHCR offices to find a solution, which is
    the mission and mandate of the UNHCR
    That’s why we organized and advocating for the human rights including the rights of
    refugees and asylum seekers, especially those of women and children, we have been
    asked by them during our numerous meetings
    We came to the only office in titled of protecting and safeguarding refugees and
    asylum seekers which is the South African HCR in order to seek protection and look
    where the agency can take them away from South Africa
    We have been violently assaulted by the South African Police and law enforcement on
    30 October 2019 (6)
    Since we are homeless exposed to disease and insecurity, our children are no longer
    studying, we survive by the charity of some churches and good people.
    I am begging you to help me and my family by a sponsor to leave this country as I
    can’t go back home.
    Thanks in advance for your helpful positive response towards my request.
    Yours truly
    Jollydray Evardy Mvila and spouse, Edouarda Yoayoa Taboke

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